Goorialla the great rainbow serpent !

Hello parents, carers and students!
Last week’s Matisse inspired paper collages were fantastic! I really enjoyed seeing how different shapes were used and what sort of images you created.
Images of your child’s work can now be submitted through compass or to your own teacher’s preferred method!

Also just letting you know that according to the time table your art session is on Thursday. I do put the lessons up earlier so you have more time to work on them. They are not due for a week after your timetabled session. For example this lesson is for Thursday the 30th of April. You have a week from the 30th to have the art projects completed and submitted. No need to rush, take your time.
I’m really excited about this week’s art task and know some amazing things are going to be created !

Have a look at my introduction video and read/ go through the resources with your child.

Goorialla has been painted in many different ways for thousands and thousands of years. Here are just a few examples of ancient and modern Goorialla artworks.

Here is one of many stories about Goorialla , otherwise known as the rainbow serpent.

The main learning task for this art activity is to introduce students to Aboriginal Art and mythology. 

Parents and carers I have attached Information about the Rainbow Serpent about the significance of Goorialla in Aboriginal mythology for you to have a read and explain to your child.
After reading the information and the story, it  would be wonderful if you could jump online and have a look at some more amazing rock art from around Australia.

Here is a picture of my aunty Ada Parry 

Ada is a well known Aboriginal artist who lives in the Northern Territory. One of her favourite things to paint are the Gorges and steep rivers that she believes were carved by Goorialla making his way across the land.

This week I want you to create your own amazing Goorialla ! I’m really excited to see the different ideas and images. 
Ideas to help you .
Here are some great examples of student work from previous years.

Time to have fun ! 

Why don’t you head outside and create a giant rainbow serpent in your street using chalk ? 

You could make one out of an old stocking and scrunched up newspaper?
You could paint one or draw one using as many different colours as possible

Use your imagination and get the whole family involved!