Learning intention: Students learn positive self-talk strategies.

My helpful talk

Let’s start today with some mindfulness.
Find a quiet spot and follow along with Go Noodle’s Flow: Let’s Unwind


Today we are going to look at a special way of thinking called helpful self-talk.

Sometimes we are asked to do new things and we don’t feel like we can do them. Our body might tell us this through its feelings. Our tummy might hurt, we might feel like we are going to cry, we might not want to get out of bed, we might feel scared, or worried about getting things wrong.

At times like this we can use our thinking to help us. By saying helpful or positive words to ourselves when we are worried or scared this can make us feel a lot braver and we will give new things a go.

Watch the video below to see all the different ways our positive thinking can help us.

I think, I am!


Talk to a grown up in your house about the lots of different ways helpful thinking was shown in the book.  


Choose one of the ways helpful thinking was shown in the book and draw a picture of this.

Draw a thought bubble on your picture and ask a grown up to help you write a positive thought in this bubble that would be helpful in the situation you have drawn.